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PariMatch Casino withdrawal

The famous PariMatch Сasino has been in demand for many years! Many players visit this place every day and win good amounts of money! This service has a major focus on all types of gambling services and aims to educate players about the e-gaming industry in general.


All about how to withdraw money from PariMatch

To prevent fraud and other irregularities, PariMatch may exceptionally request Client proof of identity to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the Client. When opening an account, customers agree to provide all necessary documents as requested by PariMatch.

Withdrawal options

Participants replenish the balance of the game, make bets, receive winnings. Customers who receive winnings can make withdrawals from PariMatch in several ways:

  • To an e-wallet;
  • Bank card;
  • To the wallet, which was opened during registration;
  • Bank wire transfer.

The transfer period of PariMatch depends on the chosen method. PariMatch does not charge a commission but deducts % from net winnings to the state as a tax on the monetary gain from gambling. The fee may be charged by the receiving party: bank or payment system.

PariMatch may charge a 10% transfer fee if a customer deposits a lot of money but withdraws much less. Important: you may only withdraw money from your gaming account.

Withdrawal to bank card or bank account

To apply for withdrawal to a card from PariMatch balance, you should apply for Visa, MasterCard in the name and surname of the player in your bank account. For bank transfer, you will need a bank account. Then you can fill in the form.

  • Log in to the personal cabinet under the game account and the password.
  • Click at the top on the input/output of funds.
  • In the window select the destination – bank card or Bank Transfer.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to receive.
  • Enter the bank account or bank card details.

Please check your details and confirm your withdrawal request with PariMatch. 15 minutes to 2 banking days for the withdrawal request and the funds crediting.

Parimatch casino withdrawal
PariMatch casino withdrawal of cash winnings

Electronic payment wallets

Another option for getting your winnings. To transfer money to the electronic payment system, you have to verify the wallet and make sure that the details in the system, including phone numbers, match those in your personal PariMatch customer profile. Otherwise, the transfer will not complete.

  • Login to your personal office with your game account and password.
  • Click on Deposit/Withdrawal at the top.
  • In the window please select the direction of the payment wallet.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Enter the number of the wallet.

Check your details and confirm your request. It will be automatically sent to the website of the chosen payment system. On the page that opens up, specify your login details or phone number and password, then once again confirm the application.

The term of processing of the application and funds crediting is about a minute.

Important: the method of depositing to the game account and withdrawal directions from PariMatch should be the same. If there were several deposit options, you can withdraw in proportion to the incoming funds. If the player deposited from a mobile account, you can withdraw by ordering a bank transfer.

Parimatch casino withdrawal of cash winnings
Play and win with PariMatch Casino

 Withdrawal problems

Players who order withdrawal from PariMatch for the first time worry that a long time to process the request. The fears are unfounded. The security service of the PariMatch office will check the client and make sure the application is correct and the details are entered correctly. After the check, the player won’t have to enter his card or wallet number, or bank account details again. All data will be pulled up automatically.

Sometimes an inscription appears in the history of financial transactions of PariMatch personal cabinet – payment error. In this case, the casino refunds the money to the client’s deposit. The problem in the appearance of payment error may be in the following:

  • The player uses different deposit and payment methods;
  • Name, surname of client PariMatch and beneficiary are different;
  • There is a mistake in account details, purse or bank card number;
  • The phone number in the PariMatch profile and the account of the electronic payment system do not match;
  • The payment wallet identification procedure was not completed;
  • PariMatch suspects the customer of being dishonest. Until all the circumstances are clarified, the withdrawal of funds from the member’s deposit is suspended;
  • Funds are ordered to be paid from the bonus account and not from the game account.

The PariMatch client is personally responsible for the safety of his account and password. PariMatch Administration guarantees the non-disclosure of the client’s personal data and his bets to the third parties and shall not be liable for any consequences that may arise if the client’s confidential data gets into the hands of unauthorized persons.


Feedback box

However, PariMatch does not cut maximum winnings and does not block winnings without important reasons. If you have any difficulties with the request for profit payout, please contact a customer support operator by hotline, live chat, feedback form.