Tennis Association Tournaments and Davis Cup

In the history of the WTA eight tennis bets players have broken the mark of 50 trophies. Martina Navratilova is the leader. She has 167 titles. Of today’s athletes, the American Serena Williams closes the top 4.



It is known that men are physically many times stronger than women. In the big tennis betting this fact has played its role. Below are 3 main reasons why the representatives of the WTA section perform unstable:

  • The head coach and the entire team changed. It’s not often that tennis betting players immediately produce a series of positive results. As a rule, it takes them a long time to adjust to new requirements, philosophies and tactical tasks.
  • Mood swings. Little life turmoil can easily throw an athlete off-balance.
  • Poor serve. Everyone knows about it. Bookmakers Parimatch actively use the low percentage of won serves in women’s tennis.

Bets on WTA matches

In the matches of the women’s net, it is necessary to highlight a number of certain trends that will help make a successful bet on the BK site:

  • Serving. It is not as strong and accurate as the opposite sex. You could say the serve is smoother, less sharp, and the average speed is about 150 km/hour. Individual records are the exception.
  • Situations often happen in women’s tennis, when an opponent will serve the first or the second serve. A softer serve allows the opponent to adjust and hit a high-powered shot that is difficult to hit.
  • Frequent double faults and enforcers. Low level of serving leads to the fact that the athletes twice in a row make fouls. Hits to the touch or into the net are common. There are few stable tennis players in the WTA.
  • Short game rallies. Average of about 10 strokes on both sides.
  • If the match drags on, the number of errors increases. This is due to the fact that female tennis players have less stamina, tire quickly and have lower reaction time than men.
  • Low motivation, bad mood, not the best conditions, underestimation of the opponent – any of these reasons will lead to the defeat of the athlete.
  • A tie-break. Occurs when strong tennis players who have well-balanced main weapons: serve, reception, play on the back line and near the net meet. Women’s tie-breaks are played much less frequently than men’s.
  • Many sensations. Young talented female tennis players constantly give the stars enough problems. First of all, sensations happen a lot on the TBS.

Davis Cup

If soccer can be conventionally divided into club matches and national team games, then in tennis the athletes perform independently in individual tournaments, as well as defend the colors of the national team at the international level. So in the women’s net they invented the Fed Cup and in the men’s net the Davis Cup. We are interested in the second tournament. It was founded in 1900. At first, the competition was held under the auspices of an independent organizing committee. The original name was “International Lawn Tennis Challenge”. Since 1947, two years after the death of D. Davis, Davis Cup was taken over by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

The Davis Cup (CD) is attended by national teams, with only men’s teams competing. It is a prestigious tournament, in fact, second only to the Grand Slam Tournaments (TBS).

At the time of writing, the most titled teams are:

  • United States of America – 32.
  • Australia – 28.
  • France and Great Britain – 10.
  • Sweden – 7.
  • Spain – 5.

For a long time, the rules of QD were unchanged. In 2019 the situation has changed. A new tournament, the World Cup of Tennis Finals, will replace the FC. The federation has set aside one week in November for the competition. 18 national teams will be divided into groups (16 will be formed based on the ITF ranking, two more will receive a special invitation from the organizers). The top 8 teams advance to the quarterfinals. 2 singles matches and 1 doubles match. Format: 3 sets.

Davis Cup betting

The World Cup tennis bets prize pool is currently about $20 million. This is much more than is offered to girls in the Fed Cup (7.5 million). Because of that, the stronger half of mankind tends to be more willing and eager to come to the national team to defend the colors of their native country.

To date, legal bookmakers offer enough options for betting Parimatch. If you competently study the tournament grid and the formed pairs, it is advantageous to bet on the “Pass” of the pair to the next round. We recommend to wait for the moment when the federations will announce the lineups, and only then make a bet on the “passage”.

The venue of the match and the surface is of great importance. Home teams always perform better at home. The support from the stands helps in achieving positive results. Some players are better on the court, some on the other courts. It is especially important to take this fact into consideration in the finals. By the way, the receiving side gets the right to choose the type of surface.

When it comes to doubles play, it is necessary to look at the rankings to find out the level of chemistry of the pair. Some athletes prefer to play only singles, others only doubles, while others combine both during the season. Those who play doubles for the first time usually lose to a more experienced opponent with a smashing score.

Long-term bets are also available to users on the winner of the KD. To correctly predict the triumphant of the competition, it is important to analyze the level of balance of the team. The presence of star performers does not guarantee victory, the team’s chemistry comes first.



The Davis Cup does not last long – 12 days. This is the main disadvantage if the bettor has decided to study the tournament and bet on Parimatch it. The tournament is divided into stages, each of which is played for 3 days. In such a short period of time, it is difficult to draw the right conclusions about the motivation and form of this or that national team. As in the case with the Fed Cup, we recommend betting Parimatch on FC a little, so watching the matches is much more interesting, and the rest of the budget is better allocated to more serious competitions.