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PariMatch casino FAQ

PariMatch is an international holding company that has been successfully operating in the gambling business for more than 20 years. PariMatch offers its own betting lines, a huge variety of casino products, and games of its own design.

Every day we receive emails with questions about slot machines. In some cases we answer the questions in detail by publishing an entire article, in others, we post the question on this page and publish the answer here as well.

Check out the frequently asked questions about online casinos. Here we list the most frequently asked questions, the answers to which you may be interested about PariMatch. If you can’t find your question, contact us and we will provide you with the assistance you need.

Which questions may be answered?

All of them! We generally answer questions about regular casinos, but if you have a question about an online casino, don’t hesitate to ask, and we will consider it.

Here are just a few of the most common questions we get asked, such as winning percentages, slot buys, cheats, and more.

What does it take to get started in the casino?

Complete a simple registration on the PariMatch website. Then you’ll be able to play for real money and for free on a demo account.

How to complete the registration process?

Click the “Registration” button on the main page of PariMatch. Enter your personal data. After that, you will receive a registration email. Follow the link and complete the selected one.

What if the confirmation email has not arrived?

Make sure you have entered the correct e-mail address. If your information is correct, click on the “recover password” icon. If so, your account on PariMatch will be activated automatically.

How do I close my account?

If you have made a final decision on this matter, please contact our live chat operator or contact us by mail.

How do I deposit money into my casino account?

You may use a credit card, an e-wallet, or online banking. The desired option can be selected under the payment systems section.

How fast is the withdrawal process?

Usually, the procedure takes no more than 24 hours from the moment of verification. The withdrawals are made on working days from 12.00 to 21.00

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What should I do if games don’t load?

To solve problems with games launching and slowing down, first reload the page. If the problem persists, try changing your browser or updating your Flash player. In some cases, the problems are caused by antivirus or software that changes the user’s IP address. You can also contact Customer Support to get help with any issues you may have.

Do I need to clear my browser cache?

No, we do not. If you are having trouble with gaming applications then clearing your cache may help.

Do you have a license?

Absolutely. The PariMatch company is regulated by a license. The company and all the game applications have been properly audited so they operate according to international standards.

Is there any secret of winning the jackpot?

No. As we mentioned in our answer to the first question, slots work purely on a random number generator, so no matter what “experts” tell you or what you read in their books, there is no way to influence the outcome of the game, including jackpot payout.

Are slots stupid?

It depends on your goal. If your goal is to make a profit, then yes, playing slots for that purpose is stupid. If, however, you just want to have fun, fully aware that the outcome of the game is completely random, then there is nothing silly about it.

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What are slots?

Slots are machines with three or more reels that spin at the push of a button. To play slots you have to insert a coin, note, or token into a special receiver. The essence of the game is to wait for winning combinations to appear on the slot’s reels.

Can a random number generator be fooled?

No. If it could, it would be considered a criminal offense.

What is volatility?

For slots, volatility is the ratio of the frequency of winning to its size. So, if the volatility is low, you win more often but pay out less; if the volatility is high, you win less often but pay out more.

If slot results are random, how do casinos control the payout percentage?

Slots are not programmed to pay out a certain percentage. Payout percentages are a rough guideline that can be achieved with prolonged play.

Why are slot machines so “addictive”?

For the same reason that other gambling games do – people are driven by a thirst for easy money or wagering if some of the money is already lost.

Some may also enjoy the game itself, bonuses, free spins, graphics, and sound effects.

How are slot machines and the number 7 related?

The number 7 is considered lucky, and casinos take advantage of this belief.

Why don’t professional gamblers play slots?

Professional gamblers don’t entertain themselves, they work for a living (otherwise they wouldn’t be professionals). In slots, everything depends solely on chance, on luck, so such games cannot guarantee even a minimum income.

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I have a question that isn’t on the list

If you have any unusual situations, you can always contact the operator in the chat room or send an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to help you!